The HumanTek is a platform with a vast arena of schemes and layouts We can work under extreme pressure and that too with precision. Our offerings include:

Graphic designing

A mechanism of virtually communicating with a wide scope of potential outcomes with different scenarios. Every designer blends and amalgamates thoughts to delineate the final product. This meets clients’ fulfillment as well as improves client experience. We create logos, websites, sub badges, apparel printing, mascots and so much more!


Animation is a technique where figures are controlled to show up as moving pictures. Our specialists put in energy to give the customer the best three dimensional liveliness there is and ensure that you get what you’ve portrayed your result to be. Conventional type of animation (2D) alongside a computerized 3D movement is accessible to satisfy all necessities. The two types of animations are available at a very decreased rate.

Website Development

Development of sites for the networking arena is what a website developer does. We use proper utilization of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) for the users to experience outstanding results. Contrasting layouts with diverse choices are easily enforced by our website designers and developers. Simple pages along with complex layers are dealt with on client’s demand.

Application Development

Software augmentation is an offering that is also on deck at synctal solutions. The designing as well as virtual depiction is equally important where precision and detailing is closely focused. Also, the amount of ease a user faces whilst using that particular app makes it more usable and required to interfere with the customers more.

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your company to be highlighted in online world and secure a place farther up of renowned search stations, you are just one click away. Search engine optimization is a parameter where we analyze your page or site and move it to a better position in virtual aspects. We offer a feature of SEO where the position of your presence is shifted upwards in a digital platform.

Social Media Marketing

Promotions and launching of the final product is important for the recognition of that particular brand. Market level discovery makes the stock easily accessible to the user as it goes public on many different and diverse social platforms. We have a team of outstanding members who regularly update posts on our pages which draws user’s attention to the maximum.

Content Writing

Writing not only involves documentation but also a proper mind mapping of what to prepare and how. It involves proofreading as well to eradicate grammatical errors. 100% uniqueness of content is what we deliver and nothing less. Our team works on blog posts, website content, video descriptions, social media posts, company profiles, technical essays and what not.
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