Printing & Encasing

We offer one of the finest printing services in the country as we only deal with exquisite printing products. Packaging is properly rendered using subtle techniques and fine quality materials to achieve guaranteed services with optimal results.


A wide range of custom and ready-made apparel is available in full stock. The quality of the material along with the printing techniques is staggering. Our awe-inspiring range of t-shirts, hoodies, and corporate uniforms are ready willing, and able in all sizes.

As we believe in quality so the texture of the clothing we provide is soft to the touch and catchy to the eye. This makes the buyers implicated towards buying our products. Just select the design/text of your choice and style away.

Custom Boxes

Our artistry is vastly distributed in many regions like box or basket customization. Beautiful packaging of delicate and solid boxes is the essence of encasing and we make sure to master the art. Our designing team puts in every effort to design boxes in such a way that they are pleasing to the eye and in turn increase sales.

Different boxes are available for different purposes. We have a classic range of bakery boxes, gift boxes, party supplier boxes, vintage boxes, tissue boxes and even large boxes to encase heavy objects.

Banners & Labels

Banners and signage are the representation of any corporate sector and even big businesses. We manufacture banners in fine, matte finish with each part properly printed on vinyl. Smudge free signage is guaranteed. You can now easily order products for your corporate events without any agitation.

Labels for the bottles, food packets and other eatery is also available at Humantek. These plastic/paper based labels are protected from wear and tear or any other kind of breakage. This can result in becoming a fuel that would ignite your brand’s popularity in no time.


If you are promoting your brand or seeking to look cool in front of your friends by using our custom stationery, you are at the right station. From books to business cards and even eraser coverings, we provide high-quality materials for your daily use.
Custom mobile covers are also available with many excellent and neat designs.

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