• M.Ateeb Hilal

    - Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

    Muhammad Ateeb Hilal graduated from SZABIST in the field of Mechatronics. Ateeb founded HumanTek in 2020, which grew from a startup to a successful IT firm in Pakistan. Ateeb managed to take his small company to one that now boasts 200+ employees and will accommodate around 500+ individuals. Since 2020, Ateeb has guided the company's vision of advancing software IT services which include, graphic designing, web development, animation, mobile app development, branding, digital marketing, and content writing. He is a dedicated and brilliant entrepreneur who continually strives for the progress and growth of Pakistan's IT sector.

  • Muhammad Arsalan Nisar

    - General Manager

    Arsalan handles all the finances and overlooks all the departments of the company. “I find that the harder I work; the more luck I seem to have.” Arsalan has made significant contributions to The HumanTek while working as one of its co-initiator. He is a member of management who is self-made and self-taught. His job responsibilities started graduating from high school and have advanced significantly. His background in finance and 10 years of experience in the travel industry helped him land the position of general manager here. He has assisted HumanTek with his devotion, time, and emerging business ideas. He has gained recognition from the organization and enjoys working in a pleasant setting.

  • Mustafa Mubashir

    - Operations Manager

    Mustafa has 8 teams and 180+ employees in total including all shifts under his wing. “Don't leave today's work for tomorrow” Mustafa joined HumanTek in its early stages and contributed to the company's tremendous success in the business arena. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering from SZABIST University, and ever since his freshman year of college, he has taken a particular interest in exchanging goods for more expensive ones. He was introduced to the Sales dimension by the successful earnings that resulted from it, and he is in love with it.

  • Tahreem Fatima Arsalan

    - Human Resource Manager

    Tahreem has 6+ employees under her wing. “A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step" Ever since the HR department came into existence, Tahreem has been working here. She graduated from KASBIT University with a master's degree in finance. Tahreem enjoys reading in her spare time and is a travel enthusiast. She spent seven years as a system administrator in the education division during her earlier career. She now oversees a group of HR executives and does a fantastic job of hiring new staff and assessing potential candidates for the open post. She has our gratitude and we are happy to have her as a member of our team.

  • Nabeel Shoaib Barry

    - Assistant Sales Manager

    Nabeel has 24+ talented sales team members under his wing. “The most hard-working animal is a mule, yet they are abused, therefore try to work smarter rather than harder.” In the period of six months, Nabeel went from Team Lead to Assistant Sales Manager after developing his already strong management and marketing capabilities. He was the head of the production department and a distributor for a clothing firm before joining HumanTek, but he had a lifelong interest in marketing and worked his way up to it.

  • Sarah Amin Khan

    Senior Project Manager

    Sarah has 35+ amazing artists under her wing. “Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.” –Frank Ocean Sarah is an example of an ideal employee who works hard and helps the company grow. She has a Bachelor’s of Telecommunications Engineering from NED, and right after her degree, she started as a systems intern at Bykea. She joined HumanTek as a Content Writer during Covid-19, and due to her dedication and confidence, was promoted to Project Manager and later to Senior Project Manager. She leads a team of 20+ employees, including graphic designers and animators, content writers, and web developers. We are delighted to have Khan onboard and expect nothing but success from her.