Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2022.

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July 10, 2022

Video has emerged as a content format that marketers can no longer afford to ignore, especially in light of the recent tremendous growth in online video consumption. It is currently an essential component of the majority of marketing plans.

Today video content is the most important trend. To stay on top of what your audience likes and wants to see, you must keep up with video marketing trends and statistics. We have gathered some key video marketing statistics for 2022 to keep your video marketing strategy up to the minute.

These statistics will provide you with a ton of ideas if you’re seeking some motivation or market research regarding how video may be used in your business.

Internet Users Love Watching Videos

In accordance with the current statistics on online video consumption, 91.4 percent of all internet users watch digital videos each week. This includes all types of videos-from ad videos and tutorials to gaming and motivational videos. In 2020, the number of individuals watching digital videos in the US alone reached 244.4 million. Today, video marketing rules the content marketing industry. YouTube, the foremost platform for sharing videos and the second-largest search engine grew by 4.9 percent in 2021 according to a recent study by SEMrush

Demand for Video Content has increased

It’s not simply for fun that people prefer video content. Brands can use video as well. According to studies, 54% of consumers want to see more video ads from brands they support. Many influential people in the industry are actively creating various sorts of video content in response to the growing demand for video. This survey’s respondents asserted that video content is more popular, notably because viewers are more likely to pay attention to it. Audio and written content are more likely to have sections skipped. Video is a terrific approach for marketers to grab the audience’s attention more.

Video as a Powerful Marketing Tool


All businesses should go with a video marketing strategy because it is effective.. Being one of the most widely used internet platforms. It offers a level of customer engagement that other media simply cannot. According to the most recent video marketing data, 86% of marketing professionals consider video as a marketing tool. These marketing experts believe that video content has the potential to help them expand their businesses. The majority of them (78%) claim that videos have directly increased their sales, while 86% claim that videos have increased their website traffic.

People Enjoy Watching Videos on Social Media

Videos are becoming more prevalent among users across all platforms. They demand more video content, whether it comes from YouTube, Instagram, or blogs. Instagram allows users to upload brief videos that last 15 seconds in Instagram stories and 60 seconds in reels and video posts. Because consumers view short videos more often than lengthier ones, many influencers make use of 60-second clips. Approximately 40% of the more than 1 billion Instagram users post videos every day ( When it comes to brand material on social media, users enjoy videos (Animoto, 2018). According to the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, 73% of consumers said that their will to buy something was impacted by a brand’s social media presence. This statistic alone demonstrates how videos are becoming more and more popular over time.

Video Marketing = Profit

The return on investment is the key factor (ROI). Looking at the statistics, 88 percent of video marketers are happy with the return on investment of their social media video marketing campaigns (Animoto, 2018). According to the same study, 80% of marketers say they are pleased with the return on investment from video ads they have posted on social media.

In general, businesses utilize video marketing to reach out to potential customers, grow brand awareness and trust among current customers, and enhance sales. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the platforms that marketers utilize the most frequently to upload social media marketing videos and video advertising. Because it has the ability to communicate everything in a manner that customers prefer—the visual format—video marketing is chosen as a marketing technique. End users are particularly fond of tutorial or explanation videos.

Video Marketing to Generate Leads

Each year, video marketers receive 66% greater qualified leads(

Brand awareness increases by 54% thanks to video marketing. In addition, 93 % of marketers claim that a social media video helped them gain a new client. The information that the video provides can be credited for the improved quality of leads. Customers not only develop a sense of trust for businesses, but they may also learn more about the business or its product through interactive images. These figures demonstrate that there is no justification for doubting the advantages of video marketing for businesses. In terms of video marketing in 2022, it will be a fantastic approach to expand your network and clientele both now and in the future.

Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

The next question is what platforms do marketers think are the most effective for video marketing? And on which social media platform do consumers want to see brand videos?

The next question is: which platforms are the most effective for video marketing? And on which social media platform do consumers want to see brand videos? The most popular social media site for marketers to broadcast videos on is YouTube, according to the most recent video marketing statistics. Almost 89% of marketers claim they intend to use YouTube for video marketing (Wyzowl, 2021). Video is quite popular on Facebook. Additionally, it pushes videos more than non-video content because it adores them.

Engagement rates for Facebook video postings are 6.01 percent on average. Videos with numerical titles are more likely to be seen. Facebook videos with captions also perform well; they can increase viewing duration by 12%. Facebook videos optimized for mobile can boost business exposure by up to 67 percent.
As a platform for video marketing, LinkedIn is still a young player. But it has already eclipsed other sites like Instagram and Twitter to rank third in terms of popularity among social media sites for video marketing.

The Influence of Video on Purchasing Decisions

Videos not only keep viewers more interested, but they also are crucial to their decision-making. According to a Wyzowl poll, approximately eight out of every ten users have bought software or an app after watching a promotional film for the company (Wyzowl, 2018).   And because the majority of people—96 percent, to be exact—turn to videos to learn more about a particular product or service, the influence of video marketing is felt across the whole buyer’s journey, according to the same survey.

Video as a Source of Information

Information provided via video is generally more memorable for the vast majority of individuals. They might not be prepared to buy right away, but they will probably remember you after some time. The customer retains 95% of the knowledge they learn from a video.

The Impact of Video on the Internet

By 2022, Cisco reported that 82 percent of the internet traffic will be driven by video traffic.

To further put things in perspective, online video usage in 2017 reached 56 exabytes per month or one billion gigabytes. By 2022, this amount will have nearly quadrupled, reaching 240 exabytes per month.


To Sum Up …

You should be aware of these video marketing statistics for 2022. Because video content is processed 60,000 times faster than text, video marketing is one of the most successful ways to engage your audience. In this blog, we reviewed the most recent data on video marketing stats and discussed why businesses should invest in video marketing.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how video marketing might benefit your e-commerce firm. If you are planning to step forward in the world of video marketing or need more knowledge about video marketing stats, get in touch with us at – a social media marketing company that specializes in creating and promoting effective video marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses

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