7 Myths of App Development

Humantek team

July 18 2023

Mobile applications have now become a core point for every business to grow. Mostly, people prefer to shop for their clothing or order their food through mobile apps. Why? That’s because it’s convenient and offers a wide range of options. Moreover, it offers flexibility as well as you can take your time to order the best product.
However, top app development companies in Karachi are surrounded by the myth that managing a mobile application is impossible. For instance, you need an experienced app developer to keep your application updated. Or, if you’ve recently started your business, then it would be difficult for you to build an app to expand your business.
So, if you’re looking to build an application for your website, you must know some myths to avoid which are:

1. Too Much Costly

The most common misconception about developing an application is that its process is too much costly. You’ll find many app-building companies having second thoughts after hearing this myth and some even drop the idea for making an app for their business. The main reason for this myth must be outdated tools, skills, and resources.
However, after the introduction of app builder CMS platforms, this myth has completely vanished and now app development has become affordable for everyone. Furthermore, app builder CMS platforms have a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to create your app without coding.

2. Too Much Time Consuming

Making an application takes much more time than required, another myth that has clouded peoples’ thoughts. Some app-developing companies even think that building an app might take months or even years to complete.

But, this myth has disappeared as now you can get the modern tools that’ll build your app without consuming too much time. That’s because these modern tools provide some amazing templates and user-friendly interfaces. It’ll help you add some unique features to your app without starting from scratch.

3. Requires Experienced Individuals

App development indeed requires the assistance of some experienced developers because of programming. Finding the perfect individual for that might get difficult most of the time. But now, you can easily carry out the process as there are a lot of tools available in the market.

The most common and easy feature you’ll get is a drag-and-drop interface that’ll help you build a unique app without the need for a professional app developer. You can easily make changes or add some amazing features based on your liking with the help of these tools.   

4. A One-Time Process

There’s a myth going on for a while that making an app is a one-time process. You don’t need to update it according to the trend. But in reality, it’s the opposite.   If you’re running your business through an app, you need to look out for the latest trend regularly to make it more effective and easy to understand.   Besides that, there are other factors as well that might cause your application to run smoothly which are:  
  • Bugs
  • Outdated Version
  • Availability on specific devices

5. Inclusion of Extra Features

A lot of businessmen tires to add extra features to their apps because of the misconception that every application should have extra features. An ideal app should possess features for what it’s built for. 

For example, if own a restaurant and looking to build an app, then it should have a feature that shows nearby restaurants or tracks your order.

So, always remember to think first before executing. It’ll help you avoid the unnecessary features that might cause your app to crash frequently.

6. A Top-Rated Application

Many companies have a myth in their minds that their application will get traffic immediately because they are running successful businesses through the web. But without promoting your app in the market, it won’t be beneficial for you. Always remember to find the best channel and resources to market your services as much as you can to achieve success.

7. Difficult for Cross-Platform

Another misconception is going on that mobile applications face some difficulties for cross-platforms. But always remember, a myth is a myth. The best example you’ll see is that multiple apps run on android and IOS simultaneously. 

It may sound strange, but it’s true as you can use multiplatform tools like Flutter to run the same application on multiple operating systems. 

Before You Go

Some myths are partially true regarding app development that gives businessmen second thoughts about expanding their market through applications. However, all these myths are gone now as many IT solutions companies in Karachi are using modern tools and software that provides a lot of assistance.

For instance, if you don’t know coding, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to customize your app. Or, you don’t need an expert for maintaining your application, you can do it by yourself as well.

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