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Aug 18, 2022

The world is moving at a fast pace as everything is at the fingertip of human beings. We are so used to getting things done fast that we don’t want to wait. People are either looking for a new service or a product. A demonstration video is much more approachable than PowerPoint slides.

Explainer videos work as a gateway for people who want to learn about a specific business or product but often do not have the time. Corporate videos are a very effective medium for delivering ideas to your audience since they are dynamic, shareable, and engaging.

Corporate videos that are for a particular target market have the potential to be just as enticing as their entertainment-based competitors.

What Are Corporate Videos?

The term “corporate video” refers to all video communications utilized for an internal or external corporate message.

The target audience is one feature that sets corporate video apart from conventional video advertising.

Instead of targeting a broad audience, corporate video frequently targets a small group of people.

An organization may create a corporate video to highlight a business effort or to update stakeholders on financial performance. Corporate explainer videos may also feature advertisements for new product lines or services and videos for educating employees and customers.

What are explainer videos? Your company’s products and services are introduced in brief online marketing videos referred to as “explainer videos.” Explainer videos are frequently displayed on a product page, the home page of your website, or a landing page.

These kinds of videos have grown very popular. According to Wordstream, some websites boast that adding an explainer video to their website increased conversion rates by as much as 144%. (source:

What makes a good explainer video? Customers need to understand who you are as a company, and an explainer video is a fantastic approach to engage your target market.

You can provide them a 360-degree perspective of your business by describing everything about it, from where you’re located to the goods or services you offer to awards and client testimonials.

Explainer videos save time for both the customer and your sales team, they are easy to share, which is crucial for referrals, and they can help develop brand recognition.

Due to their advantages for companies wanting to sell their goods and services, explainer videos are among the most often created types of videos.

A Corporate Video Must Have

1. Keeping the Audience and Business in Mind

Keep your targeted audience in mind. Your explainer video’s material must be relatable for your audience to be interested in your brand. The tone and style of the video must also be consistent with the brand.

2. Focused and Efficient

Great corporate explainer videos should only consist of core essential information about your business. Avoid adding extra material as the customer is only on your website for particular and quick results.

3. Short in Length

The first 10 seconds of your video are crucial because if you fail to capture the audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds, you will lose engagement. Ideal video Duration: Best – under 90 seconds
Better – under 2 minutes
Good – under 3 minutes

4. Problem-solving Oriented

Explainer videos contain a particular issue, mention the benefits of their service or product, and demonstrate why they are the solution.

5. Narration (Voice over)

It is advised to give a voice-over to your explainer video, to engage your audience through the animation and the narration.

6. Upbeat

Your explainer video should have an energetic animation with upbeat sound effects and a script so that you don’t bore the audience.

7. High Quality

Explainer videos must be high quality, both the production and content of the video.

8. Choose an on-brand Animation Style

(later more on the types of animation)

Your corporate explainer video must have the appropriate animation style, which is vital. If you have a serious brand, you can use motion graphics; if your brand has a place for humor, you can use cartoon animation.

How to Make an Explainer Video?

An explainer video’s production process can vary depending on several elements. These elements include the project’s scope, the production crew (internal or external), and the sort of video being created.

Below is the basic process that is necessary to take into consideration while making a corporate explainer video:

1. Start With the Script

The script is the base for your video, good graphics, and authoritative narration won’t help if there is a dull storyline.

You know your target audience and the script is the element where you must put all the concerns, information, how your product/ service is a solution, and how it works

2. What Should a Corporate Video Include?

Well plan your video using the following:
    • • Start with a premise, ask a rhetorical question or an issue that your brand will solve
    • • Discuss the problem and its drawbacks
    • • Introduce your business/ brand or service
    • • Introduce your product as a problem-solving solution.
    • • Explain how your brand/ business/ service/ product works
    • • Summarize what you just shared so that it engraves on the viewer’s mind
  • • Finally, plug your brand because this is the only reason you made the whole explainer video

What Are the 8 Types of Explainer Videos?

1. Live Action That Uses Animation

Live Action uses animation to meet the objectives of describing your product or service; they simply combine real people and animation to give a touch of visuals.

When you want to engage the viewer emotionally with an explainer video, using real people is a smart solution.

2. 2D Animated Explainer Videos

What are animated explainer videos? A two-dimensional environment is used to create characters, storyboards, and backdrops in 2D animation, which is frequently referred to as conventional animation.

Animation in 2D is less expensive. Some brands or businesses may require 3D animation due to the nature of the products.

3. 3d Animated Explainer Videos

Why animated videos? The process of 3D animation involves animating objects that appear in three dimensions. Like actual objects, these 3D objects may be rotated and moved.

That is quite effective for displaying products under development or challenging to film in live-action.

4. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion graphic explainer video is more common in the technology sector because it clearly and simply presents complicated ideas.

This design works since it isn’t overly crowded and draws customers’ attention to the desired area.

5. Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

What is whiteboard animation? Whiteboard animation explainer video is a type in which a narrative is presented on a whiteboard using imagery that looks typically hand-drawn.

A whiteboard video may undoubtedly be an effective marketing tool for businesses with a strong screenplay and top-notch character animation.

6. Live-action Explainer Videos

The key distinguishing element of these videos is that they are created with real-life video footage, little animation, and motion graphics.

They are used, like other explainer videos, to describe a product or service and may also contain client reviews.

7. Screencast

Explainer videos called “screencasts” use images from a screen captured while a website, program, or application is in use.

The primary goal is to demonstrate how the application works. Without requiring consumers to read numerous pages of text, they are particularly effective at showing how to interact with new apps or features.

8. Kinetic Typography Explainer Videos

One of the most significant 2022 trends is kinetic typographic animation. In this kind of explainer video, the fonts take on a life of their own and build the entire narrative. The words in these videos will have a profound effect whether they are presented in a variety of fonts or just one.

The audio will explain the story while the words on the screen will highlight their significance, making it simple for the viewer to understand the information.

Why Corporate Videos Are Important?

Sadly, more individuals prefer watching videos to reading. Making corporate explainer videos for your company is highly advised because it will aid in reaching your intended audience.

The idea of your company, the message behind it, and other aspects of your brand will all be directly communicated.

Let us look in detail at why explainer videos are effective.

1. Increased Brand Awareness

Your customer will better comprehend your brand’s mission with the aid of an explainer video.

According to studies, after publishing an explanatory video on the landing page of a company’s website, customer engagement rates increases.

2. Clearly and Concisely Express Your Idea!

You get a chance to explain your brand or product with easy animation that visitors will be able to grasp quickly.

3. Add Life and Passion to Uninteresting Corporate Topics

The majority of business issues are tedious, challenging, and frequently ineffective at retaining the audience’s interest.

Only an explainer video can provide information in a creative, captivating manner while maintaining the significance of the topics mentioned.

4. Create Long-term Brand Equity

Creating brand awareness and influencing how others perceive, believe, and feel about your company is essential to growing brand equity.

Use explainer videos for your goods or services to shape your brand that sets it apart from competitors and boosts its commercial value.

Where to Use Explainer Videos?

Although you can place explainer videos wherever you like and according to the demand of your business, here are 4 basic channels for placing an explainer video:

1. Homepage

The homepage of your website receives the most traffic as every visitor goes through the homepage.  Featuring your explainer video on the homepage will inform every visitor about your product or service.

2. Email Campaigns

Adding video to your email campaigns will likely increase the reliability among the customer. Email subject lines with the word “video” enhance interest and engagement.

Put your explainer video to work by referencing it in the subject line and including a link in email marketing campaigns.

3. Landing Pages

Video on landing pages may capture people’s interest immediately, resulting in better results and increased conversions.

4. Social Media

Given that everyone uses social media, it’s a fantastic way to reach an audience. Your company’s visibility will increase if you post an explainer video on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Why is Video Important for Marketing?

According to Wyzowl, businesses have benefited in recent years as a result of using explainer videos on their websites and social media, as shown by the statistics below:
When it comes to assisting potential customers, videos are an excellent approach to describe your goods. When customers are aware of what your product accomplishes and how it will benefit them, they are more likely to purchase it.

Unsurprisingly, videos are a great tool for this because they provide a visual explanation of how things operate for businesses.

Get your Corporate video From Specialists

After learning everything there is to know about corporate explainer videos, if you want to create one for your company but aren’t sure where to begin, look no further than HumanTek – a top-notch explainer video company.

Submit your ideas to us and our skilled animators will assist in developing an explainer video for your product or service. At HumanTek, we specialize in creating great explainer videos that outline the features of your brand, helping your customers learn more about your company.

Feel free to contact us and let us know about your next project.

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