How to do SEO for YouTube videos

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Sept 22, 2022

YouTube SEO is the process of modifying and enhancing your content so that it appears at the top of search results. With billions of users worldwide, YouTube is the second-largest platform. YouTubers are in fierce competition with one another to attract larger audiences and receive more views. You must follow a few instructions to be viewed by more people.

In this article, we’ll discover how YouTube SEO functions and how to implement it on a YouTube channel.

SEO for YouTube Videos


The number and quality of website visitors coming from search engines to a website or web page continue to improve via SEO. If you want to increase the number of views and subscribers, you must improve the quality of the content.

Organic ranking is a component of SEO for YouTube videos. Therefore, using focused and pertinent keywords and phrases can help you rank higher in YouTube search results.
YouTube focuses on the keywords used in videos, playlists, metadata, and descriptions, unlike Google and other sites that rely on backlinks to boost traffic.

Making videos more searchable offers more opportunities for improving YouTube SEO. Videos must be indexed using accompanying text since search engine algorithms cannot see videos.

Since the text in your video may affect user experience, engagement, watch time, viewership, and SEO, using it as descriptions, closed captions, and subtitles is an essential component of a YouTube SEO plan.

Why YouTube SEO is important?

We have all searched, ‘does SEO work for YouTube?’ Well, it does. Continue reading to find out about SEO for beginners on YouTube and the importance of SEO for YouTube videos. The content is filtered and optimized by SEO, which makes it simpler for crawlers to find your material and helps it climb to the top of SERPs.

These are the reasons why SEO is important for any YouTube channel.

1. Demands Less Work and No Money

SEO, if done organic, requires no money and effort but is essential and a game changer for your YouTube content. The main aim of any Vlogger is to rank high on SERPs and gather traffic to the channel. Organic SEO strategies include keyword research, link development, content production, and more.

2. Place Yourself Among the Best

YouTube is the second biggest platform, and the chances are the topic on which you are making a video others have already made videos on that same topic. That’s where the SEO comes in, optimizing your videos will make them feature in the recommended videos and your channel will grow rapidly.

3. A Marketing Tactic

Social media is the biggest platform right now to market your products, either through paid reviews or unpaid reviews. Small businesses usually send PR packages to YouTubers for unbiased reviews that help the brand in free marketing.

How does YouTube SEO works?

Since Google is the parent company of YouTube, the SEO procedure is the same for both Google and YouTube. To properly rank YouTube videos, keep the following in mind:

1. Begin by Conducting Keyword Research

Selecting a relevant keyword is the core step toward ranking high on YouTube searches. You put keywords or phrases in the title, meta description, and description box. If spoken in the video, the words appear in closed captions, and all these factors help your video content get caught by the search engine crawlers.

  • • Conduct keyword research and list them down
  • • Select less popular words or phrases to stand out from the crowd
  • • Make your title short
  • • Insert the keyword naturally in the title
  • • Your videos should be tagged with well-known terms associated with your topic.
  • • Compose a title, description, and tags that are keyword-optimized

2. Optimize Your Video Description

The best place to explain the subject of your video is in the description box, which also enables you to reach people watching the video without sound. To promote your brand, you can also include a CTA and other fast links in the description. Remember that the description box only displays a small portion of the transcript; the viewer must click “See more” to continue reading it. As a result, ensure that your transcript’s opening lines are both engaging and relevant.

  • • Offer subtitles in multiple languages
  • •Add a transcript to your video description
  • • Add CTA and links to your website. Encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel
  • • Use timestamps for longer videos to direct the viewer to a particular part of the video
  • • Put relevant hashtags in the description but don’t use more than 15 hashtags
  • • Categorize your video

3. Crucial Pointers for Video Making and Editing

Speaking the target term out loud in your video script will also aid in your video’s YouTube ranking. Without going overboard, include it naturally into your narrative. According to studies, videos longer than 10 minutes are more popular simply because they have everything a viewer is looking for and satisfy the requirements. That is not to say that short videos can’t succeed, but if you are investing in production, you might as well make longer ones.

  • Say your target keyword in the video
  • Make long/ short videos with amazing content
  • Use a custom and compelling thumbnail
  • Add YouTube cards end screens to increase your channel’s viewership

4. Track User Engagement and Analytics

Keep track of the likes, comments, and shares that your videos get. User engagement is pivotal as Google is mainly concerned with how readers react to your content because this is what keeps them on their site. Follow up on your analytics from time to time to make sure your YouTube SEO plan is effective. It will assist you in determining the type of content that gets likes and views the most, allowing you to create videos on the same topics.

  • Focus on your user engagement
  • Track your analytics, such as watch time, traffic sources, and subscriber growth
  • Increase audience engagement by encouraging them to interact

5. Increase CTR in search results

A high click-through rate on YouTube indicates that your video was pertinent to the user’s search term. Because of this, CTR is a significant ranking component as well.
The search results page’s viewable segment must be engaging and pertinent.

Your intended keywords must be in the title and the first few sentences of the description. Another crucial component is the thumbnail, which should also include additional pieces of information.

YouTube free SEO tools

Have a look at the following tools to start ranking high on search results.

1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

A website that lets you track ranks, look up keywords and predict changes in traffic for any website. Additionally, you may filter your results for any popular search engine, including YouTube. For more information, visit:

2. Canva

A brilliant and user-friendly design application called Canva makes it easier to create visuals for social media, cards, and other things. Additionally, it just so happens to feature a template designed just for producing YouTube thumbnails. For more information, visit:

3. Vidiq Vision

Check out a video’s tags, popularity, average watch time, and other information with VidIQ. Utilize what you’ve learned to then successfully enhance your content. For more information, visit:

4. Tubebuddy

Consider useful tools like keyword explorers, rank trackers, and automated translators for several languages. Additionally, TubeBuddy facilitates the production of your videos and their subsequent promotion. For more information, visit:

5. Cyfe

It is an entire software package that enables you to monitor the effectiveness of every site where you publish content, including YouTube. With Cyfe, you can quickly check the keywords you’re doing well for and find new ones to research. For more information, visit:

6. Finale

If you strive for an optimal user experience, be sure that the algorithm can recognize your optimization efforts. Knowing how to use SEO in each search engine is crucial if you want to benefit more from the advice we’ve provided in this blog. Consider seeking professional SEO services to ensure that your website is fully optimized for all search engines.

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