How to start an E-commerce business in Pakistan?

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Sept 26 2022

Online businesses have removed geographic boundaries in the retail industry. The shopping spree is transitioning from the physical to the internet rapidly. It is the right move for an entrepreneur to go with the flow and start focusing on e-commerce. In Pakistan, we have seen a shift in online shopping; people shop when bored or need something but don’t have the time and energy.

Online retailers are creating new fashion-related items and designs, enabling customers to order from anywhere in the world. The time is ideal for Pakistani entrepreneurs to show off their innovative and top-notch goods. Online e-commerce not only exists but is growing exponentially.

Every business transaction that is done through the internet is e-commerce. Over 4 billion people use the Internet worldwide, making e-commerce a major industry. While lounging in the comfort of your own home on your smartphone, you may now search online for an e-commerce website with a wide selection of products.

You can order practically anything you want and have it delivered to your house with just one click. Distance is no longer an obstacle in e-commerce.

The advertising platform debuted in 2003 and is today the well-liked one. Every year it enables web admins and bloggers to monetize their online traffic.

Google offers high revenue to publishers. Publishers acquire returns of 51% for showing ads and 68% for searches.

In this Blog, we will tell you the complete application procedure for Google AdSense and how you can take benefit from this advertising platform.

Reasons to Invest in E-commerce in Pakistan

The e-commerce industry has been booming in Pakistan since 2020. Pakistan is the 5th most populated country in the world with 63% of the population being youth, which indicates that Pakistan is the jackpot for entrepreneurs and new business ideas for e-commerce. There are many factors for investing in any business, but e-commerce is especially popular in Pakistan.

Steps to Start an E-Commerce Business in Pakistan

Pakistan’s e-commerce economy is expanding quickly and people are accustomed to shopping online as a result of the introduction of multiple marketplaces. However, there is a significant lack of trustworthy and genuine retailers where clients can purchase exactly what is displayed on a product page.

Starting something new can be intimidating, but if you do your research, speak with the appropriate people, and have confidence in yourself, you can do anything. You must follow all the steps to successfully launch an online store.

You can take your first step toward starting your dream business by performing the following actions:

1. Product Selection

The primary stage in building the basis of your internet business is choosing a product. Do extensive research while keeping your target audience in mind. How strong is their financial position? What aspect of Pakistan’s e-commerce sector is lacking? What do you want to be recognized for? What are people in Pakistan seeking?

You can select the products you believe will appeal to the number of people once you have all the answers. Include something that is one-of-a-kind and impossible to imitate.

2. Research the Trends

A product that is trending sells fast. Keep up with the fashionistas, tech gurus, and aesthetic Instagram accounts to put yourself on that trending list. Celebrities and influencers have a major impact on people, and whatever clothes or accessories they wear are usually in demand. Room décor, kitchenware, and home textile are also very much liked here in Pakistan.

3. Find a Reliable Wholesale Distributor

Finding a reliable distributor from whom you can purchase in large quantities is necessary if you want to turn a profit. Your firm will run more smoothly if you have a good relationship with your supplier.

4. Choose a Method for Shipping

The transportation of goods that customers buy off of your website can be transferred by air, road, or rail. The shipping options vary according to cost. Here are some of the shipping methods available nationally and internationally:

5. Get a Warehouse

The products you buy in bulk will require a safe home to reach the customer undamaged. You may rent a warehouse if the products are in large amounts, or you can put them in your house if the goods are storable.

Another choice is drop shipping, in which you serve as a middleman, and the supplier sends the products with your company’s name on them directly to your clients.

6. Buy a Domain

A website assists in spreading brand recognition and displaying your business to potential clients. The authenticity of a brand or online business is considerable when it has a website and displays products professionally with details and testimonials. You may also make use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to appear more legitimate. You can check out GoDaddy to search and buy available domain names at reasonable rates.

7. Advertise your Products

You should use social media to get started. Several things have gone viral on Tik Tok, and people have been wanting to try them. That is how effective social media is. Don’t be afraid to create a social media profile, showcase your products, and market them to potential customers while also being creative and original.

Types of e-commerce business models

Engaging and current website development services can work wonders for your company, but picking a business strategy is crucial to keep your company on track. Business models assist in establishing customer trust and identifying your target market and potential markets, which can be achieved through effective website development services.

4 types of e-commerce business models:


COVID-19 is behind us, but the digital world is now advancing more quickly and forcefully than ever. People worry about what would happen if unpleasant situations occurred again. When times are harsh, it can be difficult to make a living. The best course of action is to develop an online business that doesn’t require constant presence.

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